Rider Profile - Nick Bruce


The Chronology

Nick first discovered BMX after seeing a live TV broadcast of the XGames BMX Dirt when he was about 9 years old. After seeing these guys on TV doing it, that same afternoon he was trying to jump his sister's cheap, little rusty bike off a stump in his parent's backyard. He quickly fell in love with everything about jumping bikes.

With getting air on the low-end bikes and creating makeshift ramps out of old construction supplies from his dad's construction projects, Nick began to progress with some bike control and basic tricks. A couple years later he finally got his first legitimate BMX bike and was able to start riding at some of the most legendary skateparks in the Midwest, during the mid 2000's.

However, due to playing traditional sports and the indoor parks in Youngstown, Ohio closing down, Nick slowly fell out of riding during his high school era.

Once he got a car and license it slowly picked up again until he had a broken his leg on a front flip crash during a normal session, which put his riding to a halt and made him more focused on working for his dad full-time, and getting ready for college.

A couple of years later, while attneind his first year of college, Nick scheduled his classes to get out of working with his father in the afternoons in order to make more time to ride his bike.

Spending late nights driving close to 2 hours everyday after class to Cleveland, Ohio to ride Chenga World skatepark, Nick started progressing enough to be able to try competeing again. With a little push by his best friends, he competed in the 2012 amateur series called the Free Flow Tour, where he had won both the Park and Dirt Finals, enabling him to compete with his favorite pro riders in the Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland, and San Francisco, California. That's when Nick realized he had what it took to make his childhood dream a reality, as he was living it. 

After his Dew Tour experience, he starting to purusue riding and saving his money from working in order to attend any and every event he could reach.

The dedication to the competition circuit enabled Nick to obtain sponsorship tdue to high contest results, along with his positive charisma, both of which eventually helped him turn BMX into his full-time career. 

Now, he is on the forefront of BMX freestyle park and dirt, with the top BMX pros as he's been attaining many podium finishes at events such as the BMX World's, FISE World Cup, Nirtro World Games, Baltic Games, and Simple Sessions, as well as being the first to land tricks that haven't been pulled before.


Riding Discipline: BMX Dirt and Park


Why Kali?

"I've been riding for Kali since November of 2014. After putting on the most comfortable fully certified helmets ever, I was immediately sold. The comfort is great, however, the people in charge of Kali Protectives go way beyond to create some increidble gear that I can full trust. Which is 100% the most important reason why I ride in Kali! Especially after taking some major slams over the years and walking away with an unharmed noggin. I'm fully grateful for the protection they've created, allowing me to be safe as I continue to learn and progress my riding."




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