Rider Profile - Matt Macduff


What we've seen from Macduff over the years has been nothing short of jaw-dropping, but there is so much more to this mad-man than just the big senders and (occasionally) the carnage that follows. His inspiration, drive, and resilience have molded into his charismatic personality, with a heart bigger than the Loop of Doom.


"I grew up riding in southern Ontario, Canada. I fell in love with riding bikes when I was 15 on the west coast, riding enduro with my awesome uncle. For me, action sports are all about discovery, self-expression and growing yourself. It's a never-ending journey and that's why I love it."


Riding Discipline: Freestyle MTB


Why Kali?

"I joined the [Kali] family almost 4 years ago and couldn't imagine using another product. I choose to ride Kali helmets because they never stop developing and improving their products. Just like I never stop trying to improve my riding, Kali constantly develops their technology. I feel lucky to be a part of such an awesome company. Thanks for protecting my brains!"




You can follow Matt's adventures of riding on his Instagram and Facebook pages.