KRW - Ales and Trails at China Camp

Ales and Trails is a great event which celebrates some of our favorite things. It’s about more than just Bikes and Beer though. 

As most of you know, Marin County is a difficult place to be a mountain biker. With the vast majority of singletrack trail being illegal to ride and a culture of trail conflict that seems to get worse and worse, Marin County is in desperate need of help! 

This event celebrates the advocacy efforts and persistent determination of the locals who want nothing more than to be allowed to ride their bikes. It’s pretty insane that they have to fight so hard just to get the crumbs of what could be a Mountainbiking Mecca. 

So, the next time you touch tread to trail in Marin County, think of those that continue the fight to gain more access for us all. It’s a tough place to be a mountainbiker but such an amazing place to ride!


On a lighter note, it was great to see so many familiar faces this weekend! Big thanks to our local rep Patrick Sasaki for coming out to lend a hand and partake in the festivities. 

Thanks to Trips for Kids for stopping by to say hi and show off their Kali Helmets. It’s always a great feeling to support the future generations of riders and advocates.

Thanks to Bobby McMullen (@rideblindracing )for coming out and leading a “Blind Group Ride”. It never ceases to amaze me that Bobby still saddles up and gets out there. A true inspiration!

Thanks to my friend and colleague Dylan Wren of “A Singletrack Mind” (@asingletrackmind) for bringing his skills clinics and portable obstacle course for people to hone their skills on. 

Thanks to all the local shops and bike companies that came out with their demo fleets and thanks to all the local breweries who kept our thirsts quenched.

It was a true festival vibe with live music, beer garden, bbq and entertainment of all sorts. If you missed it this time around, you’ll want to put it on your calendar for next year. In the meantime, get out and ride your bikes in Marin County and do whatever you can to support the advocacy efforts. You can find out more by following @access4bikes

Until the next event, Kaliroadwarrior over and out.