Interceptor - Designed for performance. Engineered for impact.

No rider plans on crashing, we ride simply because we love it. Nevertheless, accidents happen - sometimes it’s bad luck, but more often we’re exceeding our limits on a bike. At Kali we’ve had our fair share of slams and for us, true safety means never being satisfied with existing technology. When it comes to exceeding limits, Kali engineers push the boundaries of helmet development like no-one else. Kali has been engineering the world’s most advanced helmets for over a decade, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Kali Protectives is proud to launch the Interceptor - a helmet that combines performance and engineering excellence. The Interceptor brings Kali’s proud history of leading-edge safety technology and design to the forefront. If you’re going to crash, you want to do it in a Kali.

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